Please find my current price list below. To find out more information about each treatment, please return to the Services/Prices box on the menu and click on the drop down box (which on mobile phones is disguised as a very small arrow hidden away at the side).

Please note that most of my sessions can be done online/long distance, with the exception of those that require physical touch such as Kambo, Raynor Massage and Assemblage Point Realignment. I am also able to do sessions at your own home or at a location of your choice,  with additional cost to cover travel expenses and extra time considerations.

The treatments I offer are extremely effective and efficient. Often, big breakthroughs can happen in just one session. However, it's important to balance this optimism with also having realistic expectations. Many people who come to see me are holding long-term, chronic and complex issues which will require ongoing work. Discounts and price plans are available for those who commit to multiple sessions,

Concessions - concessions are available for those who are genuinely unable to afford the full fee. Please contact me to discuss this if this is an issue for you.


Terms and Conditions: Please ensure you pay upon booking (bank transfer or Paypal) to secure your appointment. Your session is not confirmed until payment is received, and so may be booked by someone else in the meantime. Cancellations - cancellations more than 5 days in advance will get the full amount refunded; no refunds given for less than 5 days or 'no shows'.  Please bear in mind I have a long waiting list of people who are often desperate for appointments so out of consideration to them please give as much notice as possible so that I have time to offer the slot to someone else. Lateness - please be aware that I cannot extend sessions to compensate for lateness as I have other clients to see which means time will have to be deducted from your session. For online sessions, please ensure that things like Zoom are set up and trialed beforehand so that your session time isn't eaten into by technical issues! Free consultation - this is offered free as an act of Grace and needs to be taken seriously like any other formal appointment. It is in itself a very helpful process and form of treatment. To avoid any confusion, please be aware that you will be expected to call me (not the other way around) at the scheduled time, on time, as a first step in demonstrating your own motivation and commitment to the process! If I don't hear from you promptly at the scheduled time, I will assume you are not ready to engage at the moment and will be unlikely to offer another appointment. Thank you for your understanding! 

Shamanic Healing


Kambo (1-1)

£150 (plus additional fees if I travel to you)

Raynor Massage

£120 - 2hrs
£160 (10% discount) - 3hrs
(longer treatments are recommended to begin with - it is a very deep type of massage!)
CBD massage oil can be requested for an additional £10

Shamanic Psychotherapy


Sound Healing 1-1




£150 - (apprx. 2 -3 hrs  - subsequent sessions are generally

shorter and therefore price may vary)

£90 - £150 depending on time

Integration sessions




Long Distance Healing


Holistic Voice Therapy


Past/Present Life Regression

Space Cleansing

£60 per hour + travel (time variable)



Assemblage Point Realignment




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