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Past/Present/Between Life Therapy

The idea of reincarnation and past lives has been present in numerous religions and cultures since records began. In fact most of the world’s current population are believers in reincarnation and past lives. Reincarnation is closely linked to the ancient concept of Karma - a Sanskrit word representing the universal law of cause and effect; i.e. that we reincarnate across numerous lifetimes in order to learn our soul lessons. Convincing scientific studies into past life phenomenon were conducted by the Psychiatrist Dr. Ian Stevenson, who found that many children reporting memories of past lives bore birth marks or had congenital defects that related to their death in the previous life, which could not be explained by genetics, environmental factors, viruses or chemical causes.


However, you don't have to believe in past lives and reincarnation in order to benefit from Past Life Therapy. It can be helpful to look at past life material as potentially metaphorical and symbolic, or as your mind's way of telling you a story in order to help you to process whatever you need to process.  It is also important to remember when it comes to any techniques using regression that all memory has an element of reconstruction to it and therefore cannot always be taken entirely literally .

I offer Past/Present/Future/Parallel Lives Therapy sessions where I use different techniques (including but not invariably hypnosis) to take you anywhere in your timeline that may have affected you consciously or unconsciously, allowing blockages and traumas from these times to be released and resources/gifts/skills/wisdom/insight to be accessed. During these sessions, I may also help you to connect to unconscious parts of yourself or ‘sub-personalities’ that may be causing unwanted patterns of behaviour - this technique is called 'Parts Therapy'.

In addition, I also offer 'Between Lives' Therapy, where you can visit the realm you inhabit between incarnations, remember your experience of the afterlife, connect with your 'true self' and spiritual resources, receive messages, wisdom and insights and get answers to any questions you might have e.g. what are my soul lessons in my current lifetime? Please be aware that it is recommended to do at least two Past Life Regression sessions before doing any Between Life work.

Past/Present/Parallel/Future/Between Life Therapy can help you to:

  • Explore ingrained/hard-to-shift behavioural patterns, beliefs, fears and emotions that may have been having a negative impact on you;

  • Understand relationship patterns;

  • Get to the root cause of physical ailments you may have;

  • Connect with gifts/talents/resources;

  • Connect with 'Spiritual Support Team'.

  • Resolve fears around death/dying;

  • Expand consciousness;

  • Remember your True Essence;

  • Gain insight, wisdom and a renewed sense of purpose.

Please be aware that these sessions can be quite long (up to 3 hours).  It can be very deep work and a lot can be covered in one session but often additional sessions might be recommended.

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