Sound Therapy


I work with the principle that the essence of absolutely everything is vibration. i.e. sound. Health/illness can be seen as a matter of resonating at coherent or incoherent frequencies respectively. I qualified with the IAST as a Sound Healer and Holistic Voice Therapist and have also been trained by renowned Sound Healer Githa Ben David. I specialise in vocal sound scanning and overtone chanting, which can help bring a person's system back to a sense of increased balance, relaxation and well-being. I also encourage the client to use their own voice to release blockages and assist them to explore and expand their voice so that it can be expressed more fully in whatever way feels authentic to them. As well as using a variety of instruments in my sound healing work, such as crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, RAV drum, tuning forks and body monochord, I am also a Gong Master, trained by Master Don 'The Gong' Concreaux. I offer 1-1 sessions, group sound baths and also regularly hold various workshops using sound (please click on 'Events' link at top of page for more info).

































Overtone Chanting


I specialise in overtone chanting and was trained by overtone masters Nestor Kornblum and Jill Purce - although I first started singing overtones spontaneously during my Shamanic healing sessions before I understood what overtones were. Overtones are said to have been first discovered in the West by Pythagoras some  2600 years ago but were developed in Mongolia, Southern Siberia, Central Asia,Tibet and South Africa. Many theories exist that overtone singing once had a ritual and spiritual use in Kabbalistic ceremonies, Masonic lodges, mystery schools and Sufi practices as well as being used by the ancient Mayan, Atlantean and Egyptian civilizations. There is even speculation that they were used to build the pyramids and that the Great Pyramid of Giza is actually a giant sound chamber constructed to amplify overtones for initiatory purposes.


'The harmonic ratios of the

overtone scale are found throughout nature and reflect the natural structure of all life on Earth. When listening to or creating overtones, we begin to resonate in harmony with these primordial vibrations of which we are made, and which reflect our own atomic, molecular and cellular structure. Overtone singing, when practised with intention, can serve as a very powerful tool for vibrational “repatterning”, in other words, a way of re-programming our physical, mental and emotional bodies with a more harmonious, natural, “in tune” pattern. One of the most healing, meditational and spiritual aspects of overtone singing is the fundamental drone; the unchanging root note from which the overtones spring, which can have a hypnotic, trance-like effect on both the listener and the performer. This effect, essentially a form of deep meditation, relieves stress, balances and clears the chakras, creates a feeling of lightness and well-being and helps to balance the two hemispheres of the brain.'

...Nestor Kornblum, Sound Healer, Harmonic Sounds