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Services/Prices/Agreement & Understanding (T&Cs)

Please find my current price list below. To find out more information about each treatment, please return to the Services/Prices/Agreement & Understanding option on the menu and click on the drop down box (which on mobile phones is disguised as a very small arrow hidden away at the side). Some of my sessions e.g. CRM, Past Life Regression, Raynor Massage, are quite long in duration (up to 3 hours) hence the higher price. Generally my fees work out to approx. £60 per hour  (except the longer sessions which I discount to make them more affordable). For additional cost to cover travel expenses and extra time, I am sometimes (depending on the situation) able to do sessions at your own home or at a venue of your choosing. Although I generally prefer to work face-to-face, most of my sessions can be done online, with the exception of things that require physical touch (I also do not do Sound Therapy online, as I don't believe that the healing properties of sound can be truly transmitted effectively that way).

Please read the Agreement & Understanding (T&Cs) section below before booking!


Shamanic Work

£90 - 90 mins
£120 - 2 hrs
£150 - 3 hrs

Shamanic Psychotherapy

£60 - 60 mins


£90 - 90 mins
£120 - 2 hrs
£150 - 3hrs

Kambo (1-1)

£150 - apprx. 3 hrs

Sound Therapy 1-1

£90 - 90 mins

Assemblage Point Realignment

£120 - 2 hrs

Raynor Massage

£150 - 3hrs


£90 - 90 mins
Stop-smoking - £175 

Integration sessions

£60 - 60 mins


£90 - 90 mins

Past/Present/Parallel/Future/Between Life Therapy


£90 - 90 mins
£150 - apprx. 3 hrs

Concessions - concessions are available for those who are genuinely unable to afford the full fee. Please contact me to discuss this if this is an issue for you. Please do not take advantage of the concessions as this will deprive people who genuinely need them. The financial investment you make into your own self-care is ultimately a representation of how much you value yourself (as well as me and my time!) and has a big impact on how much you will get from a session. There is often a trend among more 'spiritually minded' people to think that it is not OK to charge for one's services. This is not how I work! If you have issues with my pricing then bear in mind that I estimate it has already cost me about £150,000 to train myself to this level (and still counting)! As far as I know, there are not many people in the UK offering the range of services that I do with the level of experience and training that I have. As a result, I could charge premium rates but instead I charge as low as I can (especially for London) in order to be as accessible as possible whilst also enabling me to make a living and putting food on my table! Please be aware that  I do not accept 'exchanges' of any kind! - in my humble opinion offering me 'a bit of Reiki' (or similar) is not a comparable/equivalent exchange for any of the treatments that it has taken me 20 years, several life/death initiation processes and all my money to learn - and furthermore I am extremely discriminating with who I receive personal treatments from. Sorry!


PLEASE READ! Agreement & Understanding (please be aware that this constitutes my T&Cs and is a contract that you are agreeing to upon booking!):


  • Please ensure you pay in full and return any necessary forms within 72 hours to secure your appointment. Your session is not confirmed until payment and forms are received and so may be booked by someone else in the meantime. It's a huge energy drain for me to have to chase people up, so if you have not paid and sent the forms back within 72 hours of booking, I will cancel the session and give the slot to someone else.  I do this in order to manage my waiting list, as well as to conserve my energy, which is best served directed at people who are ready demonstrate their commitment to doing the work by paying in advance. 

  • Cancellations - cancellations more than 7 days in advance will get the full amount refunded; no refunds given for less than 7 days or 'no shows'.  Please bear in mind I have a long waiting list of people who are often desperate for appointments, so out of consideration to them please give as much notice as possible so that I have time to offer the slot to someone else. Repeated cancellations - I take repeated cancellations as an indication of lack of commitment and this will mean I will not offer further appointments

  • Rescheduling sessions - you can reschedule your session as long as this is done 7 days or more in advance of whenever you are booked in for. Otherwise, it will be treated the same as a cancellation and you will need to pay again for a new session. Please note that I am usually booked up for three months at a time, so if you reschedule you may have a long time to wait. If you want to guarantee a series of regular sessions with me (e.g. fortnightly for six sessions) the only way to do this is to book them all in advance.

  • Lateness - please be aware that I cannot extend sessions to compensate for lateness as I have other clients to see, which means time will have to be deducted from your session. I work according to a strict time schedule to fit everyone in and my sessions need the full time duration allocated in order to work effectively. This means if you are any later than 10 mins, I may decline to see you. If you are repeatedly late, I will not offer further sessions.

  • For online sessions, please ensure that things like Zoom are set up and trialled beforehand, so that your session time isn't eaten into by technical issues! Please DO NOT use a smart phone for online sessions as some of the methods I use require a full screen to work effectively.

  • Free consultation - this is offered free as an act of Grace and needs to be taken seriously like any other formal appointment. It is in itself a very helpful process and form of treatment. To avoid any confusion, please be aware that if you choose to do the consultation by phone, you will be expected to call me (not the other way around) at the scheduled time, on time, as a first step in demonstrating your own motivation and commitment to the process! If I don't hear from you promptly at the scheduled time, I will assume you are not ready to engage at the moment and will be unlikely to offer another appointment (or you will need to pay for it at my hourly rate which is £60) . Please be aware that it is a huge energetic drain for me to be holding a space open for people, for free, and for them then not to turn up.

  • I do a lengthy assessment and may refuse to see people who are unwilling to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle to improve their health and well-being. For example, please do not come to me asking for a Kambo 'detox' and then intend to continue living an unhealthy life - such as smoking, drinking, taking recreational drugs, eating bad foods, not exercising etc. This is disrespectful to the frog, who is a living being, and a waste of its precious and sacred offering to us (although, of course, if these are the issues you are actually coming for help with and sincerely want to address them, that's a different matter!).

  • I am unable to provide out of hours/emergency/crisis support. If this is likely to be an issue for you, please ensure that you have your own support system/network in place before you start sessions with me (my working hours are 10am-6pm Mon-Fri). 

  • Contact - please use email to contact me and only use texting for essential contact e.g. letting me know when you have arrived for a session/are running late. 

  • I really appreciate the number of recommendations my clients make to their friends and family members! However, if you would like to recommend me to someone, please bear a few things in mind. It can be very tricky seeing family members, close friends, or couples concurrently, due to boundary issues. So, depending on the nature of the work, one party may need to wait until the other party has concluded their work with me. If you would like to recommend me, please always only ever pass on my website details rather than my phone number. This helps me to limit my phone draining my attention, plus I need to keep an admin trail of contact with clients and email is a much better way to do this. 

  • Confidentiality - your sessions are kept totally confidential, unless I am legally obliged to share information about you, or you disclose information that leads me to believe that you, someone else, or children are at significant risk, in which case I may have to contact specialist services/organisations. I may also discuss material from sessions with supervisors/colleagues in an anonymised way.

  • Sometimes (not always), it can complicate and confuse things if you receive other types of therapy/healing modalities alongside working with me. If this is the case for you as I may recommend either delaying your work with me until after you have finished the other work.

  • Please avoid the use of mind-altering substances - e.g. recreational drugs, alcohol, stimulants, sedatives - for at least 48 hours before your session. You need to be very present, grounded and embodied in order to get the most out of your sessions with me. If you turn up for a session under the influence of any these substances, I will refuse to see you. 

  • Results of your sessions cannot be guaranteed as they are dependent on many variables. People are unique and everyone responds differently.


Not quite Terms & Conditions but some important points about how to get the most out of your work with me! The treatments I offer are extremely effective and efficient. Often, big breakthroughs can happen in just one session. However, it's important to balance this optimism with also having realistic expectations. Many people who come to see me are holding long-term, chronic and complex issues which will require ongoing work. Sometimes, the work can induce a ‘healing crisis’ where things feel worse before they get better. For many people this can actually be an indication of progress! Generally, people that can commit to longer term work and who are open minded about using different techniques and working holistically with me tend to get the best results. Please don't come to me if you are only interested in dipping your toe into the latest spiritual/well-being fad! None of the treatments I offer are superficial and are only suited to those who very motivated, pro-active, ready and willing to take responsibility for their own self-care. Ultimately, the only person who can change you is you - I am just here to guide and support you in that process rather than to 'fix' you or wave a magic wand. Although it’s good to have a clear intention about what you want to work on with me, I also recommend trying to let go of expectations as much as possible. Often the issue that you think you are coming to work on is not the real issue that needs to be attended to, which is usually operating on a more unconscious level! It is important to get to root causes rather than to focus on symptoms. I work with many people from the New Age/Shamanic/Plant medicine/Spiritual community who come to me carrying quite a lot of pre-existing belief systems which are not always truly grounded or embodied through lived experience and have simply been picked up and regurgitated from external sources. This is known as the ‘spiritual bypass’ and can really get in the way of doing authentic, effective, empowering, liberating, genuinely transformative inner work. If you want to talk about things like 'twin flames', 'chakras', 'law of attraction', 'ascension' and being a 'starseed' then I am probably not the best therapist for you. As I use the word 'Shamanic' to describe some of what I do, I have to deal with projections about how I work all the time, and many people from these more spiritually minded communities may assume I carry similar beliefs to them. However, my approach with each client/session is really to let go of my own beliefs and expectations and step into a place of ‘not knowing’ - into ‘the big mystery’ that exists within each of us, and to hold a space where you can discover and explore this connection for yourself. 

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