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Recently I went through one of the darkest times of my life and was constantly having suicidal thoughts. I randomly came across Anouska’s instagram page and felt a magnetic force to randomly message her just to talk. It was a HUGE cry for help. I’m crying right now because she didnt just help me. She guided me through so much without even having had any sort of treatment from her at this point and not once did I feel she tried to sell me something, but genuinely tried to help. Although I was sceptical she made me feel so at home I suggested I wanted to try a distance healing session with her.
I have no invested interest here and am not being paid to write this but from that one session, I felt something huge shift within me.
I actually felt so happy that day after ages. I truly started to come back to myself. I felt my power all start flying back to me and I felt attachments I no longer needed release. I am now feeling more confident of my own divine power and my own path. I feel MUCH less anxiety and pretty much went from severely depressed to not depressed at all over night. I actually feel my ancestors dancing behind me nowadays and genuinely feel angels, spirit guides and arch angels around me all the time more than ever!
Seriously for everyone if you feel called to her work, defo get on to this truly divine light worker who actually cares about your healing more than your money!!! Her work is worth more than we could pay her anyway. She knows her stuff inside out and MORE. Pure magic.

S.R., Manchester

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