Assemblage Point Realignment


The Assemblage Point is said to be the energetic vortex through which we we are ‘assembled’ as we incarnate from spirit into matter. It is the main point where our energy field connects with our physical body. It is directly connected with our life force energy or chi and can even be detected via thermo-imaging. In a healthy system, the Assemblage Point should be located between the nipples in the centre of the chest. However, it is quite common for it to be ‘knocked’ out of place, through for example trauma, illness, shock and substance misuse. This can cause many physical/emotional/psychological and energetic problems (see diagram). It can also render any other type of treatment less effective due to the underlying state of imbalance. I am able to physically bring the Assemblage point back to its correct position which will enable the energy field to come back to its optimal state of equilibrium and flow.

I can combine Assemblage Point Realignment with all of my other face-to-face treatments (it has to be done in person) and in fact I highly recommend having this as your first treatment before any others as it will increase their effectiveness.

Pictures: Simon Heather